Past Projects


Earthquake disaster

Documenting and proposing repair & upgrade schemes for the campus of hospital buildings was a key part of reinstating this country's main medical facilities after a catastrophic earthquake.

Hurricane disaster

Over a thousand people, who were displaced by a catastrophic hurricane, were able to build back better with our training, guidance and supervision.

Earthquake disaster

The local emergency management authority needed an immediate summary evaluation of many damaged and partially collapsed building after being hit by M8.0 & M7.1 consecutive earthquakes.

Hurricane disaster and large loss

After being hit by two Category 5 hurricanes, the damage to the the island's public high importance buildings--hospital, schools, police station etc.--needed quantification before assistance could be provided to repair and rebuild.

Fire large loss

This large loss event required a performance evaluation to asses the possible upgrades to current standards.


As there was no access to the extensive damage due to wood-degrading organism, a holistic approach was needed to stop the infestation.

Fire large loss

Immediate temporary stabilization was needed to provide investigators access in this large lose.

Earthquake restoration

This project included the assessment of non-codified construction and upgrading to performance levels (not specified by the code) for many earthquake-damaged residential buildings.

Vehicle impact

The disputed quantity of lose due to impact was resolved with the application of wood science.

Fire loss

This character home, with multiple additions, posed difficult analysis and upgrading problems after a destructive fire. These problems were solved by working closely with the restoration contractor and the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Fire loss

Access to retrieve valuables was tricky in this state of collapse, but it was achieved by working closely with the shoring contractor.